NFL Betting 101: Five Ways to Bet on Props

Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are a fun way to bet on the NFL without having to pick the winner of a game. Oddsmakers get to be creative, offering unique bets that focus more on performance, stats and entertainment. Let’s take a look at… Continued

NFL Betting 101: Understanding Futures

There are many types of bets you can make in NFL, and understanding what’s available to you will help you make the best decisions. If you’re new to betting on football, futures are a great starting point. They involve betting on a future (usually long term) outcome, like… Continued

Slot machines and progressive jackpot

Slot machines and progressive jackpot Ever since 1986, when the International Game Technology (IGT) company introduced its innovative Megabucks concept, slot machine players have chased the elusive progressive jackpot. When the Megabucks wide area progressive network was launched, it connected IGT machines located in Las… Continued

How to play slots-Experts

How to play slots-Experts A progressive jackpot is rarely won and only a few are lucky enough to receive such a prize. But what about the other wins? As a rule of thumb, the lower the amount, the more likely it is that you’ll win… Continued

How to play slots-Beginners

How to play slots-Beginners If casino games were motor sports, then slots would be Formula 1, and if casino games were sprinters, then slots would be Usain Bolt. Slots are the most thrilling and fast-paced casino games of them all. Most games at online casinos… Continued

How to play slots-Intermediate

How to play slots-Intermediate Slots are not like other games in the sense that you can develop strategies and base your moves on the rules of that strategy. Sure, there are slot games where you get to pick things, but the results are based on… Continued

Video Poker: The Rules

Video Poker: The Rules Looking for your best odds of winning in an online casino? You’ll want to try your hand at video poker. It has all the fun of regular poker without the distractions of other players or dealers. It’s just you and the… Continued

How to adjust your budget in Video Poker

Banrkoll size and Risk of Ruin in Video Poker One of the most important aspects of video poker is the ability to manage your bankroll. On one hand, you want to manage your money and make it last just as you would with any other… Continued

The Math Behind Video Poker

The Math Behind Video Poker If you are looking for peace and quiet with your poker, Video Poker is ideal. It’s also ideal because it offers some of your best chances of winning at a casino. But why is the math in your favor with… Continued

Blackjack Betting Progression

Betting Progression in Blackjack In the annals of gambling lore, perhaps no myth has held a more powerful grip on gullible players than the betting progression system. Usually tagged with marketing terms like “can’t miss,” “surefire,” and “foolproof,” betting systems come in every conceivable form… Continued