How to play slots-Beginners

How to play slots-Beginners

How to play slots-Beginners

If casino games were motor sports, then slots would be Formula 1, and if casino games were sprinters, then slots would be Usain Bolt. Slots are the most thrilling and fast-paced casino games of them all. Most games at online casinos are slots, and the same goes for land-based casinos as most of the gaming floor is occupied with slot machines.

The reasons slots are so popular are simple; players get that adrenaline rush, and unlike table and card games that allow you to win a prize two or three times the amount of your wager, slot games give you an opportunity to become a millionaire. And no matter how slim your chances of winning such a big prize are, as long as there’s a chance people will be drawn by the prospects.

Playing Online Slots

The best thing about online slot games is variety. There are hundreds of different games, with different features, bonus games, symbols, and the number of reels and rows may also vary. Long gone are the days where slots had just one row and three reels and all the symbols were either fruit or card symbols.

There is an abundance of choices nowadays. All you need to do is select the game you like and then start wagering. Most games have an autoplay feature, which means that once you’ve started the game you won’t have to press the spin button once every 10 seconds or so. But if you want to have control over your wagering and how much you spend, then you can press the button yourself.

In addition, in some games it is possible to choose the number of paylines to activate, and in most games you can choose the coin value. Higher coin value and more active paylines means that you’ll wager more per spin, but it improves your winning chances.


With modern online slots it’s all about the theme. If you like comics, then you can choose one of the multiple slots based on iconic comics and superheroes. If you’re a fan of ancient history then you can choose a game based on Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome. And if you like sports, there are many slots based on different sports like football, soccer, basketball and horse racing.

Some people prefer classic slots that resemble the old slot machines of the 1980s, and that’s fine too as there are many such slot games.

Features and Graphics

Features are important as well. Some prefer games with a lot of bonus features and ‘games within the game’, whereas other players are more into standard games where you just spin the reels and wait for the outcome. Many of the new slots nowadays are interactive and you have multiple options throughout the game.

The graphic design of many of the latest slots is quite astonishing, the games are in full HD with graphic features that match those of conventional video games. Moreover, the sound effects and the soundtracks also increase the aesthetic appeal of the games.